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The truth about Maharaji (aka Prem Rawat) and the truth about The Prem Rawat Foundation

Maharaji (who is also known as Prem Rawat) projects an image of a master in his speeches and on-stage behavour. However, the real man is very different from the master he tries to portray. On this site I am gathering together all of the evidence as written by ex-premies which shows the man behind the myth and am putting it here in an easy to read form for your perusal.

Much of the evidence has been gleaned from the ex-premie forum and you'll see a lot of ex-premies posting there who eventually saw through the con trick that Maharaji has perpetrated for so long.

The motivation for constructing this site is to dispel any myths about Maharaji (aka Prem Rawat) and free people from any delusions they may have about him. It is not an attempt to hurt Maharaji but rather a desire for the truth to be known so that falsehood can be eliminated. The truth is neutral and stands on its own merit.

You may see some words which are unfamiliar to you. Here are the main ones:
premie = devotee; ashram = monastic house; Rawat = Maharaji; M = Maharaji

IMPORTANT NOTE: The original webmaster of this site was blackmailed by Maharaji's cult (known as both Elan Vital and The Prem Rawat Foundation) and was forced to delete this site off the web. The Maharaji (aka Prem Rawat) cult put photographs of him and his young daughter on a web page together with his home address and phone number with pornographic lies about him. The former webmaster of this site was afraid that having his daughter's photograph and home address in full view on the web where any paedophile could easily find her, could bring her harm.

This terrible and illegal act was carried out by Maharaji's cult without any mercy or thought for the child. They said they would only remove the photo and details if the former webmaster took down this "Truth About Maharaji" website. This was pure blackmail but he had no choice but to remove this site because he was afraid of what might happen to his daughter. The Maharaji cult website that was blackmailing him was operating from Russia and he could not get it shut down quickly so he had to give in to their blackmail and remove this web site.

Fortunately we saved most of it before it was deleted and have now put most of the original pages on this new domain. You may contact us by email at

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Delusion ~ Fear ~ Lies

An overall view The evolution of a charlatan.

What Maharaji is up to now His attempts to deceive the innocent.

Michael Donner tells his story Life with Maharaji and why he left.

Maharaji exploits devotees Materialistic guru feeds off innocents.

Maharaji's training camps Mind numbing brainwashing and total waste.

Maharaji the inhuman sadist Cruel abuse of all his devotees.

Maharaji forbids relationships Inner turmoil and suffering to many.

Michael Dettmers speaks out The truth is told about Maharaji.

Elan Vital's lies exposed Their FAQ is a tissue of lies.

Maharaji forbids a devotee to marry Dictating peoples' personal lives.

Maharaji's selection rules How he chooses suitable devotees.

Maharaji's ashrams Houses of mental & emotional torture.

Elan Vital's "charity" status This fraud cannot continue.

Maharaji's drinking habits This remained a secret for years.

Maharaji's private parties Hashish & booze galore.

Shattered lives and tragedies Some have paid with their lives.

What people think of Maharaji Ex-devotees vent their anger.

Another ex-instructor speaks out Comments from one who's seen it all.

Maharaji's response to Mishler A selfish attitude is revealed.

Child abuse in Maharaji's organisation The healing has yet to start.

Waking up from the dream

Is there life after Maharaji? What do seasoned ex-premies have to say about it? To read what conclusions have been reached by exes and to get some excellent advice

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