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The (unofficial) Homepage of Maharaji


Hello, my name is Maharaji. I used to be called Guru Maharaj Ji or the Lord of the Universe but I've decided to stop calling myself that and pretend I never made such claims.

I used to have a lot of devotees who believed me when I said I was God in human form or the Lord and they gave their lives to me lock, stock and barrel and lived in my ashrams. In these ashrams they had to work all day in the world in ordinary jobs and then give all their wages to me so that I could live a luxurious lifestyle.

I did very well out of the ashrams in the seventies. People who lived in ashrams were forbidden to have sex, have any money or posessions and were only allowed to do what I decreed they should do. Meanwhile, I had a beautiful wife and also had a string of affairs with other women. I've always enjoyed a drink and am quite fond of some good hashish.

When the ashrams became unprofitable, I closed them all down and threw my loyal devotees out on the streets. Some of these ashrams had incurred huge debts but I made my devotees pick up the tab and you know what - the suckers agreed! Well you know what they say don't you? There's one born every minute. Some of these devotees were devastated about leaving the shelter of my ashrams where they could serve me all the time. They didn't know what to do with themselves and some of them had mental breakdowns. A few also comitted suicide.

I have a good life. I own my own private jet and have numerous large houses all over the world which are maintained by my devotees for free. I am a multi-millionaire and own land and property in many countries. All this has been financed by my loyal devotees who still believe that I am the Lord! Well I did say there's one born every minute. I still have enough of these old, sincere devotees left to keep me in clover for life. Who says life isn't a wonderful thing?

Some people believe I am the Lord because I reveal a secret divine knowledge to them if they promise to become my devotees. This secret knowledge is just four old meditation techniques which are actually quite well known but they don't know that until it's too late. You see I make them promise never to reveal these techniques to anyone. This means that the fact that I am conning people is kept a secret.

To be honest, I think meditation is a waste of time. I'd much rather be driving my private plane or one of my luxury cars. And a good bottle of Cognac beats meditation hands down! I have learned that if I just make vague references to meditation in my speeches, people believe that I actually know about it and not only that but they believe I am the embodiment of truth! It's a good scam and it works for me.

Some of you may be wondering how I convinced my devotees that I was God. It was EASY. Just read how I dressed up as God to get the full story.

I have never had a problem attracting the most beautiful women or keeping them in line. Just read how I do it and you'll see that even the improbable becomes possible.

Naturally, I haven't achieved all of my success without there being some opposition. I just ignore any opposition and when people point out my faults or criticize my complete disregard for my devotees then I just tell them to "take a walk". Why don't you read what my enemies are saying about me and then judge for yourself.

When all's said and done, it's all about love, isn't it. And I know what love is because I am "rich in love", as I used to tell the press. Read how I tap the source of love and you'll see what I mean.

Family ties mean a lot to me and that is why I haven't seen my eldest brother for several decades. See what my own brother thinks of me and see if you can spot the family resemblences.

You may not know this but my coming was prophesised by a great writer over one hundred years ago. Click here to read the prophesy and you'll see that his story was a remarkably accurate fortelling of my life and its possibilities.

Thank you for visiting my web site and please come back soon because I'll have some more pictures of myself up plus some more of my thoughts. In the meantime, have a look at Incarnations of God and see some other God imposters.


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